Insight Terminal Solutions (ITS) is the Oakland and Louisville, Ky-based company started to co-develop the Oakland Bulk and Oversized Terminal (OBOT) bulk terminal on the land that was the Oakland Army Base that is being developed by Phillip H Tagami of California Capital Investment Group (CCIG). Insight Terminal Solutions has John Siegel as its CEO. Siegel is a noted expert on coal, was brought in by Mr. Tagami because he has bulk commodity industry relationships that can translate to revenue for the OBOT.

Insight Terminal Solutions Oakland Bulk and Oversized Terminal was also the focus of what could be called a cover-up of evidence that the City of Oakland knew coal would be part of the mix of commodities hauled during the operation of the OBOT.  The City of Oakland commissioned a study called the Tioga Report in 2012.  Later, in 2018, Mr. Tagami asked for a copy of the report; the City of Oakland denied its existence, only to be forced to produce it during the discovery phase of Tagami's lawsuit against Oakland in 2018. 

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