LeBlanc-Bardahl Streamliner 4

Industrial Plastics Service was a plastics and fiberglass company, later noted for specializing in making automobile bodies. It was owned by J. Fraser Rae. 5

The earliest reference is in 1949 at 3807 Harrison Street, a decidedly non-industrial area. 1

By 1952, they had moved to a Quonset hut at 4425 Linden Street, where they manufactured car bodies for the Maverick sports car. 2 In 1953, they made a custom body for the LeBlanc-Bardahl Streamliner, a special car designed by Gene LeBlanc to try to break the land speed record. 3,4

One of their products, Astrolite R-250, was used in a building a 36-atmosphere cloud diffusion chamber at Lawrence Berkeley Labs in 1955. 6

The Linden Street building was home to Flecto Company beginning in 1971.

1949 11954 classified

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