The Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) is global altruistic and benevolent fraternal organization which has had strong roots in Oakland, California dating back to the 1800s.

Independent Order of Odd Fellows Lodges, Temples, Halls and Encampment - 1887

Below is a list of all the IOOF locations in Oakland from the 1887 city directory:

Independent Order of Odd Fellows

(Hall, northwest corner Franklin and Eleventh Streets)

  1. Oakland Lodge No. 118 — Meets every Tuesday evening, at Odd Fellows' Hall. Membership, 275. C. H. Cole, N. G.; Henry Madden, V. G. ; A. N. Drinkvvater, Recording Secretary; E. A. Price, Financial Secretary; Peter Baker, Treasurer.
  2. University Lodge No. 144 — Meets every Thursday evening, at Odd Fellows' Hall. Membership, 170. R. W. Church, N. G.; W. S. Baxter, V. G.; J. A. Crane, Recording Secretary;
    W. B. Smith, Financial Secretary; J. R. Capell, Treasurer.
  3. Fountain Lodge No. 198 — Meets every Monday evening, at Odd Fellows' Hall. Membership, 150. D. H. Matthiesen, N. G.; M. H. Mikkelsen, V. G.; N. J. Swenson, Recording Secretary; P. J. Ipsen, Financial Secretary; E. Kreyenhagen, Treasurer.
  4. Porter Lodge No. 272 — Meets at Kohler's Hall, 1506 Seventh Street, West Oakland, every Tuesday evening. Emil J. Hahn, N. G.; E. Kochendorfer, V. G.; R. H. Moskiman Jr., Recording Secretary; Martin Maurahn, P. S.; Eugene E. Crowell, Treasurer.
  5. Occidental Lodge No. 2484 (colored — Meets at Pythian Hall, 1056 Broadway, first and third Thursday evenings; College Degrees, second Thursdays; House of Instruction, fourth Thursdays each month.
  6. Evening Star Lodge No. 263 (East Oakland) — Meets at Schimmelpfennig's Hall, 764 East Twelfth Street, every Wednesday evening. H. W. Dirke, N. G.; J. H. Luth, Secretary; F. Schimmelpfennig, Treasurer.
  7. Orion Lodge No. 189 (East Oakland) — Meets at Odd Fellows' Hall, 555 East Twelfth Street, every Saturday evening. Geo. G. Gumming, N. G. ; Win Jess, V. G.; O. Whipple,
    Secretary; W. H. H. Hamilton, Treasurer.
  8. Enterprise Lodge No. 298 — Meets at hall, corner San Pablo Avenue and Twenty-eighth Street, every Thursday evening.
  9. Oakland Encampment No. 64 — Meets at Odd Fellows' Hall, 555 East Twelfth Street, second and fourth Fridays of each month. E. P. Smith. C. P.; — Hall, H. P.; W. H. H. Hamilton, S. W.; O. Whipple, J. \V. : G. G. Gumming, Scribe; E. E. Crowell. Treasurer.
  10. Golden Rule Encampment No 34 — Meets at Odd Fellows' Hall, corner Franklin and Eleventh Streets, first and third Friday evenings in each month. M. McKenzie, C. P.; E. H. Lake. H. P.; Frank Trask, S. W.; J. S. White, J. W.; John McVey, Scribe; W. P. Wetmore, Treasurer.
  11. Oakland Rebekah Degree Lodge No. 16 — Meets at Odd Fellows' Hall, every Saturday evening. Mrs. Jane Potter, N. G.; Mrs. Watkins, V. G.; Miss May Higgins, Secretary; Mrs.
    Larsen, Treasurer.
  12. Brooklyn Rebekah Degree Lodge No. 12 (East Oakland) — Meets at Odd Fellows' Hall, 555 East Twelfth Street, every Monday evening. Miss May V. Northey, N. G. ; Miss Ada Rice, V. G.; Miss Cora Morse, Secretary; Mrs. Anna Leise, Treasurer.
  13. Odd Fellows' Relief Committee—Meets at 10 Sunday at hall. D. H. Matthiesen, President; J. E. Crane, Secretary.
  14. Odd Fellows' Library — In Odd Fellows' Hall. Open every day, Sundays excepted, from 1 to 9 P. M. P. J. Ipsen, Librarian.
  15. Odd Fellows' Hall Association — Meets at Hall last Monday evening in each month. Geo. Kirk, President; John McVey, Secretary; Otto Brown, Treasurer.
  16. Odd Fellows' Hall Association of East Oakland — Meets at Hall, 555 East Twelfth Street, Second Monday evening of each month. O. Whipple, President; E. Bangle, Secretary, George Chase. Treasurer.
  17. Vorwaerts Lodge No 313 — Meets at Germania Hall, every Wednesday evening.
  18. Sunset Lodge (Rebekah Degree) — Meets at Masonic Hall, corner Willow and Seventh Streets, Friday evening of each month. Mrs. M. Maguire, N. G.; Mrs. M. E. Gould, Recording Secretary; Mrs. Delia A. Collins, Treasurer.

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