The In-Between Fellowship is located on 47th and International Boulevard in East Oakland.  It is an AA fellowship that has been in the community since 1960.  There is a coffee bar. that also serves bottle water and tea.  The cost for fore each is a $1.25.    

In-Between Ft is surrounded by mom and pa restaurants, hair salons, .bakeries and retail stores.  All are Spanish speaking except for a tattoo salon and bait shop.  The three store front churches are also Spanish speaking.  For me, the In-Between is an oasis .  A safe space where I am protected from an army of resentful, selfish, and hopeless voices.  When inside the In-Between the screams and cries are silent.  In addition, I am restored to health and the world restored to peace.  If you’re ever in the neighborhood, come on by and take a load off.