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Hotel Travelers was an SRO (Single Room Occupany) hotel at 392 - 11th St. The building was constructed in 1913-1914 as the Streit Hotel. 4

It was in the news a lot c.2016, but not in a good way. 1 Some of the tenants sued new owner Danny Haber for harassment under Oakland's tenant protection laws, charging that he and his company have been shutting off services, disabled the elevators, letting garbage pile up, etc. in an effort to drive them out. 2 Haber's company counters that they're "simply bringing things up to code." 3

In 2019 the four tenants who were harassed out by construction settled with Haber and co for $575,000. 5

Building History

The building was constructed in 1913-1914 by Barbara Streit for approximately $100,000. It was partially financed by her daughter, Mrs. Olivia Streit Krampf. The architect was William Wilde. 4

It seems the hotel never operated under the Streit name; in 1915 it is listed as the Hotel Vernon and that appears until 1941, when it became the Hotel Travelers. 6,7

1913 photo, courtesy Tim Sanchez
Cheney Photo Advertising
1913 drawing 4

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