Hotel Piedmont 1

The Hotel Piedmont, which billed itself as a "Delightfully Appointed Residential Hotel," 1 was located at 3451 Piedmont Avenue from 1928 through 1947, although the building remained until at least 1989, right next to the MacArthur Freeway (I-580). The site is now part of the grounds where the new Kaiser Permanente hospital was built.

When constructed, the building featured Marshall and Stearns wall beds. 5

Thomas B. Burness was the manager from [?] until March, 1940, when he became manager of the Lake Merritt Hotel. Both hotels were owned by the Paramount Hotel Corporation. 3

Building History

From 1947 through 1976, the former hotel building was the site of the Kaiser Foundation School of Nursing. 2 According to John Reichel who worked in the building in the 1980s, after being the nursing school, it served as Kaiser Permanente's Data Center, then it was Kaiser Permanente's Division of Research. During the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, occupants saw the floor ripple from back to front. The building sustained major damage and wasn't used again. 4

1928 51928 5

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