Hoover-Foster is a neighborhood located West of Telegraph and East of San Pablo. It's considered part of Oakland's Ghosttown.  Most of the homes were built before 1950, but much of the area changed after the construction of the freeways, which cut through the neighborhood and created a lot of stark urban cityscapes. Freeway underpasses lined with pretty Victorians are the refuge of many of the city's homeless. 

The neighborhood is rapidly filling with many artists and musicians as it's a short walk to the 19th street BART and a quick walk to the steadily growing Uptown nightlife scene. With the Oakland Art Murmur next door, who knows what the neighborhood will look like in ten years?

On the other hand, much of the neighborhood's blight has been spruced up with dozens of gorgeous street mural projects - checkout the Super Hero Mural and Oakland Celebration Mural if you're hanging out in the neighborhood.

  • The CCNI West Oakland project operates in this neighborhood.

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