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The Holland-Canning House at 954 - 16th Street was once the home of Mary Canning and her husband James Canning, both of whom made fortunes in San Francisco and Oakland real estate investments. Daniel D. Holland and his family are the other part of the name. 2

Daniel D. Holland is listed nearby at 974 in the 1877-1878 directory, and at 954 in the 1880-1881 directory. 3,4 The Hollands married in 1874, so the house was likely built for them. Eliza Holland died in 1884, and Daniel Holland in 1888 in Los Gatos. A mention in December 1886 suggests the Cannings had purchased the house by then. 5

James and Mary Canning are listed there in the 1887 and 1889-1890 directories; Mary, then widowed, is listed there in 1892-1893 directory. Mary Canning died in 1904.

c.1905 it was home to the Canty family, who also owned the hardware business next door from c.1922.

On July 12, 1983 the Holland-Canning House was designated Oakland Landmark #71, under Zoning Case #LM 83-95.

Holland-Canning House 1Holland-Canning House 1Holland-Canning House 1Holland-Canning House 1

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