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There are six official Historic Districts in the City of Oakland; they are as follows in chronological order as to the date of Historic Landmark designation:

1)  Preservation Park
    Bound by 11th, 14th and Castro Streets and Martin Luther King Jr. Way
    Designated on August 12, 1975

2)  Victorian Row (Old Oakland)
     Bound by 7th, 10th, and Clay Streets and Broadway
     Designated on April 13, 1976

3)  Preservation Park Extension
     Bound by 10th, 11th, Jefferson, and Castro Streets
     Designated on April 17, 1979

4)  Downtown Brooklyn-Clinton
     Northern side of East 12th Street, between 11th and 12th Avenues
     Designated on July 20, 1982

5)  10th Avenue
     Portions of the 1900, 2000, and 2100 blocks of 10th Avenue
     Designated on May 3, 1988

6)  Bellevue Staten Apartment District
     Portions of Bellevue, Ellita and Staten Avenues, adjoining Lakeside Park
     Designated on January 14, 1997


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