The Off-Ramp to High Street & East 12th Street.

California State Route 77 is a short spur route entirely within Oakland, most of it is unconstructed according to a plan to extend it into Contra Costa County through Shepherd Canyon. Oakland signs mark it as 42nd Avenue, which the street becomes northeast of International Blvd. (East 14th).

Highway 77 starts at an interchange with I-880 in Oakland. The guide signs on I-880 northbound indicate the exit as High Street rather than 42nd Avenue; however, once you take the exit, Google Maps calls it "CA-77." The first reassurance sign westbound appears just west of the San Leandro Boulevard overcrossing to let people know that Highway 77 exists. Another "77" sign stands at the off-ramp leading to High Street/East 12th Street. On East 12th Street at 40th Avenue on the bridge above, there is a pair of signs at the entrance to Highway 77. So it is kind of like a mini-freeway. It ends at the intersection of I-880 and International Boulevard (Hwy 185), where traffic lights mark the end of the freeway. But in the middle section, it is a freeway with signs and even an off-ramp. At the intersection with Hwy 185, there is no "End 77" sign because it was planned to extend through Oakland into Contra Costa County. 

In the westbound direction, there is one reassurance sign just before the East 12th Street overcrossing and another sign saying "End 77" where the freeway interrupts Wattling Street. On the bridge above are two signs saying "Alameda/San Jose" and "Downtown Oakland".

According to some people, Highway 77 is the REAL shortest SIGNED highway in the United States. It is the 4th shortest highway in California, but the other three shorter ones are not signed.

Planned Expansion

Question: how does the expansion here and described on Wikipedia jibe with what's shown here from 1959? Was only the eastern part of that to be Highway 77? Or was the # re-used for the extant highway near High St.?

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