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Captain Henry Ezra Nichols (February 27, 1842 – June 10, 1899) was a naval captain and the namesake of the Capt. Henry E. Nichols House.

Nichols was born February 27, 1842, in Greene, NY to Stoddard S. Nichols and Irene Hill (Nichols).

Nichols graduated from the US Naval Academy in September 1865, and his naval career began in 1866 as a midshipman. 1

On November 1, 1888 he married Juliet Emily Fish (Nichols), but the couple had no children. Nichols was often at sea. From 1893 to 1895 he was commander of the 12th Lighthouse Inspection Service.

Nichols is the namesake of Rhinogobiops nicholsii, the blackeye goby. He was captain of a survey ship and collected the first specimen. 6

Death and Burial

Capt. Nichols was recently promoted, and in command of the monitor USS Monadnock in 1899 during the Spanish-American War. During the shelling of Parañaque, Philippines, he was overcome by heat. He retired to his cabin, but continued to receive updates and give orders. He died a few hours later on June 10, 1899. He left an estate of $286.20 due as his salary, plus $75 in personal goods. 5

Nichols remains weren't returned to the U.S. until 1900. He was given a large funeral with Masonic rituals, and mayor Roland W. Snow and various councilmembers including Frank K. Mott marched in the procession. 2,4 He was buried in the Fish-Nichols family plot in Mountain View Cemetery.

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