Lord Hari by Clifton Karhu

Harry Jackson and Earl Warren at Judge Hamlin's home

Harry A. Jackson (1918 - 1997) was president of Jackson Furniture, chairman of the Board of Trustees at California College of the Arts and Crafts, and trustee of UCSF Foundation. Created  "Pacifica Designs" featured in Life Magazine (March, 1952). He was the first American retailer to open a location (s) in Japan following WWII in 1960.  He traveled to Japan and Hong Kong regularly and had a Chinese junk built in Hong Kong which he moored at Jack London Square.

He attended Westlake Middle School, Piedmont High, Cal (BS), Stanford (MBA). While at Cal he and his fraternity brothers would spend Friday afternoons at Hinky Dinks.  He developed a lifelong friendship with Vic Bergeron and facilitated the opening of Trader Vic's in the New Otani in Tokyo.

He was the son of Frank Jackson and Gertrude Cole Jackson.  After Frank died in 1954, Gertrude married O.D. Hamlin Jr. .Harry was the grandson of H.K. Jackson and great grandson of Rector E. Cole and Mary Pilanda Finney Cole. He was married to Betty Lou Jackson having 2 children, Richard Cole Jackson and Lindsay Jackson Nicholson.

Member of Athenian-Nile Club, Athens Athletic Club, Claremont Country Club, Olympic Club San Francisco,  Society of California Pioneers, and Big "C" Society..  

More information is available at http://www.lordhari.com