NAME, Years Elected to City Council

Harold Everhart (1870- ) was elected to City Council in 1907 and 1909.


Republican and Municipal League10 (then Socialist)


Harold Everhart was born in Ohio. His dad, William H. Everhart was a wholesale grocer who came to California in 1853, made some money and returned to Ohio. Everhart graduated from Cincinnati College in 1890. He worked first in law and then became an accountant. He came to California in 1902. He worked for both Salinger Bros and Hale Bros. He was married to Grace Edwards and had 5 children.11

Everhart was a member of Everhart & Gorgon, an accounting firm located at 969 Broadway.1

While on Council, Everhart advocated for a park at 52nd and West, the current site of the Helen McGregor Plaza Park.He also introduced a resolution to create a joint municipal light plant with Berkeley. He hoped this would cut down on the cost of street lights.He also introduced an ordinance (which passed) against "boxes": booths and stalls in restaurants that could secretly serve liquor.9

In 1910, Everhart made the surprising suggestion that, if the Southern Pacific franchise was not renewed in 1911, the City use the 7th Street Southern Pacific line and the Southern Pacific mole to use for a city-run ferry company.Shortly afterwards, he voted against an ordinance that would give the company a 50 year lease on the waterfront.He gave a speech on why SP shouldn't get a franchise along 7th Street. (See attached)6


In 1911, Everhart ran for commissioner again. He also tried to be a socialist, but the Socialist Party refused his request. They told him that if he wanted to be a part of the party, he shouldn't have run, as it injured the other candidate (not sure whose) chances for success.7

Why Everhart switched to socialism seems to be lost to history. He did switch, however. In 1913, he contributed a piece to the "Western Comrade." The Western Comrade was a socialist magazine published in the 1910s and was associated with the Llano del Rio utopian community of 1914-1918. His piece, "The Situation in Mexico," starts by explaining the history of government from a socialist perspective. He argues against American involvement in Mexico.

Everhart was a member of the Tri-Rotary Club. He was a member of the Harbor League and gave a speech at a Harbor League performance of "Robin Hood" at Idora Park in 1907.8

Everhart was a member of the Independent Order of Red Men and the Knights of the Maccabees.12 






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