Oakland may not be known for a particular hairstyle, but we have had people who are known for their hair. List below:


Sports Figures

Photo via WikipediaPlayed for the Oakland A's from 1968-1976 and is famous for a handlebar mustache that he still sports. The mustache has inspired hipsters everywhere. Learn how it all started here: http://m.mlb.com/video/topic/76108760/v171641683







Derek Norris (former A's player)

Coco Crisp- current A's center fielder. Goes back and forth between very little hair, braids and a fro. In this video the fro defeats the helmet many many times. The fro has become such a symbol that people often wear cardboard cutouts of the fro above their heads during games in support of the A's.

Ben Davidson - Played for the Oakland Raiders from 1964-1971. He was also in several movies [including Conan the Barbarian], tv shows, and commerials [including Miller Lite]. Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/raiders/article/Ben-Davidson-towering-Raiders-lineman-dies-at-72-3682923.php#ixzz2U3gOhv6m




The Rest of Us

Is a beard hair? If so, Best Beard of the East Bay 2013 winner Max Ogden surely qualifies. This is him with his beard in what may be minecraft Oakland.


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Perhaps you've seen some tumbleweaves rolling through the streets, on BART, or clinging to fences enclosing abandoned lots.