In April 1932, Hagstoms Food Stores was formed by Emil A Hagstrom, who just 5 years earlier sold of his chain of 300 plus Mutual Stores to MacMarr Stores.

Hagstroms opened the first store _________________in Oakland.  In all 10 stores were opened in Oakland that 1st year,   By the 5th Anniversary in 1937,  a total of 52 complete full markets now serve the East Bay Cities.

Hagstroms Food Stores operated a creamery, bakery and a  ice cream plant.  The plant was located at 107th  Avenue and East 14th Street.  A fleet of trucks and drivers delivered these goods to the stores several times a day, to ensure freshness and quality.



The store at 3838 Grand Ave

Oakland Stores

  • Hagstrom's Food Store was located on  2900 Broadway in Oakland, California. 
  • Montclair District 6450 Moraga Blvd - 1944
  • Laurel District at 3529 MacArthur Boulevard in the 1950s.
  • 3838 Grand ave. through the early 60s.

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