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H. Dombrink Company was a company that made stained glass windows from 1900 until at least 1973. It was founded by Henry John Dombrink, Sr. (April 1, 1873 - November 30, 1960) and later managed by his sons, William Dombrink and Henry J. Dombrink, Jr.

The 1903 directory lists Hooper - Dombrink Art Glass (William W. Hooper, H. Dombrink) at 434 San Pablo Avenue. 4 It was Hooper - Dombrink until at least 1914, at 1813 Telegraph, with H. Dombrink, manager. By the 1924 directory, it was H. Dombrink Company, at 2008 Telegraph Avenue.7 [NB: 2008 may be a typo; Dombrink was living at 2008 - 35th Avenue.] From at least 1939, the company was at 2416 Market St. it was managed by Henry Sr., until about 1958, when he retired and turned over management to William and Henry, Jr.

Dombrink works in Oakland include:

Temple Sinai CC SA-BY Our OaklandTemple Sinai CC SA-BY Our Oakland

Other Dombrink works in the Bay Area include:

  • chapel at Fairmount Hospital (San Leandro)
  • Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church (Calistoga, 1955) 5
  • Good Shepherd Church / Belmont Community Church (Belmont, 1910)

In 1945, H. Dombrink was paid $569.38 for repairs to windows at the Community Congregational Church / United Church of Christ of Benicia. The windows had been damaged by the July 17, 1944 Port Chicago disaster. 6

Dombrink Family

Henry Dombrink, Sr. was born in Heinrich Dombrink in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany 2 in 1873, and came to the U.S. in 1895. In 1903, he was living at 535 - 20th Street. In 1924, he was living at 2008 - 35th Avenue. 7

In 1914, Henry Dombrink was a member of the Oakland Rotary Club. 8

Various members of the Dombrink family are buried in St. Mary's Cemetery.

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