The Groundscore Collective is a group of artists that have done a lot of projects in oakland. They do large-scale, collaborative public art pieces including the mural near the Fruitvale BART station, one at Classic Cars West, and Uptown Body and Fender. They were also involved in the Solano Alley Mural project with Chris Granillo and the Project Elefont. Much of their work was funded by a Kickstarter Project. The Collective uses recycled and reclaimed materials as much as possible: 3,000 gallons of discarded house paint was used in their murals in 2013.

Their core members are Thomas Christopher Haag, Ernest Doty, David Polka, & Jaque Fragua. The murals have a graffiti/street art sensibility and some of the artists can be seen on other, illegal walls. The artists also have experience in fine art/design work, which can also be seen in their murals. 

According to their website, the Collective "seeks to expand the positive impact of public art in communities across the economic spectrum... and offer property owners the opportunity to invest in the appearance and well-being of their neighborhoods, while increasing the cultural value and significance of their property and the community at large."

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