Oakland Sea Food Grotto at night, mid-1950s

The Grotto Restaurant in Jack London Square opened in 1936 as the Oakland Sea Food Grotto, and was owned by Andy Franicevich, Mike Stipic and Tony Markovich.

Fire at the Oakland Sea Food Grotto (1962)

In 1966, a new restaurant was built behind the original location and the name was shortened to the "Grotto." The restaurant closed for two weeks while equipment was moved, and then the old location was torn down.

New location of the Grotto; old location in front

In February 1990 the Grotto Restaurant closed permanently. Kincaid's Restaurant currently occupies the site of the former Grotto.

Images shown are courtesy of and copyright Mike Stipic (Mike's son, Andy's second cousin). See AlamedaInfo.com for lots more images, including matchbooks, menus and other ephemera, as well as pictures of patrons including local baseball star Lefty O'Doul.

from 1961 Oakland Tribune adcourtesy Barth Gimble

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