Oakland artist
Griffin One's unique & recognizable style is an alchemy of time, function, matter & imagination. Griffin was born in Nairobi, Kenya.
He came to the US with his family as a child & grew up in Sedona, Arizona. He lived in a few cities across the US before choosing Oakland California as his home. His wanderlust continues to this day, and his life experiences are reflected in his lucid visual style and continuing exploration of new forms of expression. He is an artist of many mediums & themes, part Muralist, Fine Artist & Digital Designer.
 Griffin works with a diverse aray of festivals & galleries, along side a number of state based & International clients & collectors.  The body of Griffin's work, over the past 20 years of painting, incorporates a fusion of elements from our modern technological age with motifs from the old world, whether it's through his lettering, character-driven pieces, and or more abstract works.

* For more of his work, please check out his website link below!

Griffin One website

Griffin Painting at Ear Peace Records- Berkeley _Pic by Chris G photo courtesy of Griffin OneSomething From Nothing- Griffin One, West Oakland _Buffed_ Pic By Wendy Star photo courtesy of Griffin OneAbstract Griffin Quil Piece &  Joker above, SF Mural Colab.  _Buffed_ photo courtesy of Griffin OneCaught in the Act by Griffin One, West Oakland - Pic by Eric Lampe photo courtesy of Griffin OneThe Next Chapter Painted by Griffin in Phoenix, AZ photo courtesy of Griffin One


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