Located on Grand Ave & Lake Park Avenue near Lake Merritt, Grand Lake Farmers' Market is a big farmers market that happens on Saturdays.

The Agricultural Institute (formerly the Marin Farmers Market Assn.) has been the market sponsor since the market's opening under the freeway in 1998.

In addition to many local farms, there are also many prepared food options and craft stalls.

There is a little area with tables where there's usually music being performed. There's also a little child-friendly fountain area and a grassy area where people can sit and eat food.

This farmer's market is like village life for folks who live in the area. If you live in Adams Point, downtown, East Lake, or one of the many other neighborhoods that make this the nearest farmer's market to you, you are likely to run into your friends at this market.

You can have a full East Bay decadent experience on a Saturday by going to this Farmer's Market, spending time by the Lake (the Pergola is right by the market), going to Walden Pond bookstore, getting coffee from one of the many fancy coffee options (Bicycle Coffee makes it easy by being set up inside the market itself) on Grand Avenue or Lakeshore, and getting pizza or bread from Arizmendi (if you are not satisfied by the many wonderful options within the market itself). If you're looking for a longer walk, you can walk up Grand Ave. to the Morcom Rose Garden. Alternately, you can walk down Embarcadero on the east side of the lake to the Cleveland Cascade.

The market is so busy that it's hard to find parking (for those who drive) and the stalls have expanded way past the boundaries of the market (for example, there are now many vendor tables set up on Lakeshore Ave. as well). It's kind of affected the entire Grand Lake/Lakeshore area, with loads more foot traffic and activity going on in the entire area on Saturdays. It's pretty wonderful.

On many days, there are tiny competing pro-Israel and pro-Palestine protests that happen on alternate sides of Lake Park Ave. on the corner of Grand (by the Grand Lake Theater). They don't always stick to their side of the street, sometimes they switch.


The Grand Lake Farmers' Market was the recipient of the East Bay Express Farmers' Market Readers' Poll Award in 2014 and 2015.

Won 2014 "Readers' Choice" Best Farmer's Market in Oakland Magazine.


  • Saturday
    • 9-2pm
Specialty Items What's unique?
Car Parking pay parking under the freeway lot & street parking (all busy)
Bike Parking Some
Child Friendly Features big blow up slide and a few other kiddy games, spash pad fountain is popular for the nekkid kiddy set, live music is family friendly for the dancing kiddy set.
List of Farms
  • Links to the farms
List of Prepared Food

There are many food stalls

List of Crafts

There are many craft stalls

Contact Information

www.agriculturalinstitute.org &