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Golden West Brewing Company was Oakland's "longest running and biggest brewery" 1. Located in West Oakland, they operated it under various owner and names from 1856 until 1959. During prohibition, they produced "de-alcoholized" beverages. Beers produced include Golden Glow [stout, ale, bock, and beer], Bulls Eye Beer, El Capitan Beer, Excell Beer, Sunset Beer, and Golden West Steam Brew.

"Sea ports along the California coast had access to supplies by ship for decades, but it was the transcontinental railroad which made it economic for perishable goods (grain). Oakland’s first brewery began in 1856, the same year the two coasts were connected by rail. The brewery, originally on the corner of 5th and Kirkham Streets, changed hands numerous times over its century of production. Welscher, Westermann, Braun, Graber, Henke -- these are the early owners. The brewery went under the name of Washington Brewery in 1891, Golden West Brewing Company in 1911, Goebel Brewing Company in 1950, and finally Pacific Brewing, Inc. in 1958-1959. The brewery itself moved from 5th Street to 7th Street (533 Kirkham Street). This was one of the rare breweries that re-started production after prohibition and actually became successful. Malting filled the production gap between 1920 and 1933."

Ken Koupal, Gold Rush Breweries from The Draught Notice: Monthly Newsletter of the Draught Board Homebrew Club

7th and Kirkham, 1911 21912 Sanborn excerpt

In 1911, the officers were George J. White, president; Joseph Raspiller, vice president; Joseph Kramm, secretary; and Charles W. Heyer, treasurer. 2

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