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The German Methodist Episcopal Church (or German Methodist Church, later Calvary Methodist) was located at 528-530 - 17th Street, then later at 3800 Telegraph.

17th Street building 9

The congregation was founded in 1872. 15 Their first church building was purchased from the First Methodist Episcopal Church and moved to 17th Street in 1875. 17 In 1907, a new church was built and dedicated at Telegraph and 38th. 7

c.1877, Rev. H. Brueck was the pastor. 18

c.1887-1889 Rev. Louis Kroeck 1,4 was the church pastor. The 1889-1890 directory lists living next door at 526 - 17th St. 1 The same directory also lists Rev. Frederick Bonn as the pastor of the German Methodist Episcopal Church. 2

1889-c.1894 Rev. August Lemkau 3,6 was the pastor of the German Methodist Church and living at 526 - 17th St. 5 (NB: so far as I've found, he's not directly related to Henry Lemkau.) Lemkau had previously been pastor at a church in Stockton. 6

In 1899, Rev. L. E. Schneider was appointed the pastor, succeeding Rev. R. Steinbach, who had been there since c.1894. 8

In 1901, the church was remodeled (rebuilt?) and rededicated. One of the new features was a large, round stained-glass window. Rev. L. E. Schneider was still pastor. 9

In 1907, a new church at Telegraph and 38th was constructed, designed by architect Henry Starbuck. While it was under construction, the congregation met at a chapel in Berkeley. 19 Rev. J. Schneider was the pastor. In 1908, Schneider was called to take over the First German Church of San Francisco. 13

In 1911, Rev. Henry J. Hobert was the pastor. 10

In 1924 and 1928, Rev. G. A. Waasa was the pastor. He lived at 494 - 38th St. next to the church. 11

As late as Christmas, 1934, it was still called United German Methodist Church. 14

In 1935, the directory lists Calvary Methodist Church at 3800 Telegraph. So it was no longer identified as German Methodist, but the very German-sounding Rev. Rudolph Zubuchen was pastor. 12

In 1950, newly-renamed Montclair Calvary Methodist Church laid the cornerstone of a new building at the corner of Snake Rd. and Mountain Blvd. A newspaper article doesn't mention the German roots, but does say the church was organized in 1872 at 6th Street and Washington before moving to the 17th Street location. 15 However, it was decided that although Calvary Methodist was sponsoring the new church, it was considered a new congregation, and the new name was to be Montclair Methodist Church. 16

new 1950 church 16

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