George F. Allardt (b? – July 27, 1903) was a civil engineer who made extensive surveys in various regions of the State of California. He is most known for being the lead surveyor for Board of Tide Land Commissioners (BTLC) and thus creating the agreed-upon high tide line for the Bay Area, as well as for creating a survey and subdivision of 17,000 acres of the San Pablo Rancho. At the time it is was one of the largest surveys ever made in California. Moreover, he established Allardt's Official Map of Alameda County, which is described as "An enormous map printed in four sheets and bound so that only two sheets can be examined at a time." 1

Images of Allardt's surveys can be accessed through David Rumsey Map Collection.

Allardt residence. Photographed by Frank B. Rodolph 2

Allardt lived at 1127 Linden Street. He passed away July 27, 1903 at his home from heart disease. 3

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