photo by greenkoziphoto by greenkoziThis production is by UPS, TFK, EMT, Lords, GATS, 7seas, Roar, Wide, MrEF, Goser, Peps357 and??? It is located at the corner of 19th and International and wraps around the wall towards Solano Alley.

msngr. photo by greenkoziROAR/7Seasphoto by greenkozi

There was some beef when the woman was painted over by Peps375, a local artist. Some of the other artists are from out of town. This part made the news (and mentions Oakland Wiki!) 

part of the lady by Peps357 . It says "A woman's place is in the struggle." photo by greenkozi

photo by greenkoziphoto by greenkoziphoto by greenkoziphoto by greenkozi