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The Fruitvale Masonic Temple is at 34th and International (East 14th) was built in 1909.

The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Fruitvale met there in 1909. 3

The 1912 Sanborn shows a liquor store and restaurant on the ground floor. The 1913 directory lists a restaurant run by William R. Parker at 3355 and a millinery run by Mary J. Parker next door at 3359; 3369 was a branch of Theodore Gier Wine Company. 1

1912 Sanborn excerpt

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1954 Building

There was a later Fruitvale Masonic Temple on the southeast corner of Fruitvale Ave. at Galindo. The groundbreaking was in 1954; 2 the debt was paid off by 1965. The last Tribune reference to it found is from 1973 as Masonic Lodge No. 440. 4

1957 Sanborn excerpt

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