Fruitvale Hotel in 1962
(photo provided by Chris Treadway on Facebook)

Southwest corner of San Leandro and Fruitvale in 1962
(photo provided by Chris Treadway on Facebook)

The Fruitvale Hotel was constructed in 1894 near the Fruitvale train station, on what was originally Putnam Street, then East 10th Street, and finally San Leandro Street. The hotel was constructed and originally operated by local developers Snetsinger and Carroll. 1 The oldest picture of the building we have been able to find is from 1955. The building had been in poor condition for years, if not decades, but still stood at 3221 San Leandro Street until it was finally demolished in October 2017. It was one of the older buildings of its type still standing in Oakland.

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Fruitvale Hotel in 1955
(photo by and courtesy of George Manley via Trainorders)

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