Frederick ("Fred") McLean Campbell (1837 - 1905) was a council member in 1867 and 1868, and was superintendent of schools in 1870. He later served as the state superintendent of schools. He was a Republican. 5

Campbell was a well known educator in his day. Originally from New York, Campbell was married to Catherine Marston (Campbell). They moved to Vallejo, California in 1858 to work at a school there. 6 He took charge of the College School in Oakland (which later became the University of California) in 1861. 3,9

Campbell was mentioned fondly in a book about public education in 1911 2 and served as the State Superintendent of Public Education. Along with John Swett, he is credited with fixing the "code and custom" of California's system of public education. 6 The Golden Gate Kindergarten Club called him a most valuable friend and the best friend of Kindergarten. 3 He was the editor of the California Educational Review. 4 Because of Campbell, the National Education Association convention was held in Oakland in 1888. 6

The Campbells had 7 children, all born in California: Gertrude Campbell, Andrew Campbell, Marston Campbell, Catherine "Kitty" Campbell (Roach), Mary "Mamie" Campbell, and Grace Campbell (Gassaway).

In 1876 the Campbells resided on the northwest corner of 5th and Market Streets; in 1877 the family lived at 5th and Myrtle. Later still they lived at 1262 Webster (now in 1400 block after renumbering).

For a time c.1903, Campbell worked as the personal secretary for then congress member Victor Metcalf.

Campbell Street in West Oakland was named for him. 7 Following his death in 1905, the Grove Street School was renamed the Campbell School. 8

Marston Campbell Park was named for his son, Marston.

Other Positions in Government

1870: Superintendent of Public Schools in Oakland 3

1879-1883: State Superintendent of Public Education 1

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