Franklin Henry Burrill (March 17, 1873 – January 19, 1930) was the long-time head janitor at the Oakland Municipal Auditorium.

Burrill was born March 17, 1873 in Louisiana. On September 3, 1895, he married Lucy Middlecroft Turner (1873 – May 8, 1908), and they had 6 children: Franklin Henry Burrill, Jr.; Paul Thenard Burrill; Mary Quida Burrill (Wylley); Myrtle Burrill; Juliet Burrill; and Anthony F. Burrill. Franklin, Jr. and Paul were born in Louisiana. By the time Mary was born c.1902, they had moved to California. Anthony was born April 28, 1908, and Lucy died a few weeks later on May 8.

Burrill remarried October 19, 1911, to Ida May Hart (Bethel) (Burrill), who had 3 children of her own: Marjorie Mildred Bethel; Waldo Emerson Bethel; and Etta May Bethel.

Franklin Burrill died January 19, 1930, and his passing was noted in Delilah Beasley's column:

"The colored citizens of Oakland have lost through death during the past week two highly esteemed citizens. Notably Franklin Burrill, for many years head janitor of Oakland Municipal auditorium and leader in the Louisiana Commercial pre-Lenten pageant. And the passing of Dad Moore, one of the best known Pullman porters in the United States, also passed away after serving in that capacity for over 40 years. He heartily sponsored better working condition and more pay for Pullman porters." 1

Burrill is buried in St. Mary's Cemetery along with Lucy, Anthony (who died the year following his mother), and Paul (who died in 1916). 2

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