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The Fox - Orpheum Theatre was the first Fox theater in Oakland, opening in 1923 as the Fox Oakland at 1730 Broadway. After being open 18 months, it was formally re-opened as the Orpheum in February, 1925, becoming the new Oakland base of Orpheum Theatres, replacing the earlier Orpheum Theatre which was renamed the 12th Street Theatre. 1

Maury Diggs was the architect. 5

In February, 1931, the Orpheum was threatened by a massive fire in the building next door. Much credit was given to head usher Charles Moran for preventing a major panic. When smoke began to enter the theater, a patron jumped on stage. Moran quieted him and calmly had the 500 theatergoers exit the theater. The theater suffered only minor damage because of the concrete wall between the buildings. 3

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