Fourth Church of Christ, Scientist 1

Fourth Church of Christ, Scientist was a Christian Scientist church where the Lake Merritt United Methodist Church now stands.

The building was completed in 1923. It was designed by Carl Werner, and built at a cost of approximately $155,000 5 to $175,000. 4 The first services were in June 1923. 5

Although it was deemed "architecturally significant", it was not granted landmark status. It was demolished, and the LMUMC building was completed in 1991.

auditorium 1architectural drawings 1undated, Cheney Photo Advertising 1

The congregation dated back to at least 1911, when they met in Washington Hall, at 6th Avenue and East 12th Street. 2 A few years later, they were meeting in the Masonic Hall at 8th Avenue and East 14th Street. 3

1923 6

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