A partial list of homes built by the Flagg Brothers. The real estate listings referred to them as "Flagg built" or "Built by Flagg". If either brother is named, A. J. is always named. John S. appears much less frequently.

In 1923, A. J. began working with F. G. Turner as Flagg & Turner. Together they purchased the land and developed Belvedere Terrace. Over the years, the Flaggs frequently worked with Wallace Real Estate to sell the homes.

The brothers built a number of larger developments, including:

  • Belvedere Terrace (1923, 45 homes)
  • 'A Lane in Spain' (1929, 36 homes)
  • Sunset Manor (1937, ~50 homes)
  • Redwood Gardens (1939, 29 homes)

In 1929, the Flaggs constructed a duplex at 2415 Montana to serve as their office. This was not far from the Alhambra Apartments on Flagg Avenue, which were nearing completion.

An article in 1939 says A. J. built over 300 homes. 1

"Flagg-built" Homes

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