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Fisher and Taylor was a long-time coal business beginning in 1879 run by Alfred A. Fisher and James P. Taylor (1846 – 1931) with a yard at 1st and Franklin. Fisher left the business in 1890, and it was known as James P. Taylor Coal Yard.

They announced their partnership in May 1879. 6 An ad in 1879 gives 6th and Washington as the address, 1 though that may have been an office; they moved their office a number of times over the years.

In 1881, a fire struck at their yard at 1st and Franklin, destroying buildings and tons of coal. 2 The above photo is probably the office in the lower left of the 1889 Sanborn excerpt and the upper left of the 1903 Sanborn office.

Fisher and Taylor dissolved their partnership in May 1890, 7 but it a March 1892 article about attempted safecracking still refers to it as Fisher and Taylor. 4

Taylor made a point of selling Wellington coal, from Wellington, New Zealand. He had been born in Australia, and his parents moved to California when he was a small child. 5 It's unknown when he sold or closed the business. It's listed in 1916, but not in 1921. Taylor died in 1931. 5

1889 Sanborn excerpt1903 Sanborn excerpt

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