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The Fisher Lumber Company was a short-lived lumber business in Oakland, started by George W. Fisher in 1904.

Fisher had formerly been a manager of the Puget Sound Land and Lumber Company for 19 years, but they closed their Oakland branch, so he started a new business. 1 Another article suggests he bought the assets of Puget Sound or another company that started in 1882. 8

The business was large and expanded over its short existence, 3 but by August 1911, Fisher was listed as "formerly of Fisher Lumber." 2 It's unknown whether they went out of business, or if Fisher sold it to another of the lumber companies in Oakland.

In the news

In 1908, 70 year old John Patterson went to the Central Savings Bank to cash a check and return with $1,300 in coin for the weekly payroll. A group of 3 thieves briefly stole the sack of money, but Patterson scared off the first and figured out what the second and third were up to, and thereby regained the cash. 4

Most deliveries were done by train or by horse-drawn wagon, though in 1905 they delivered 100,000 board feet of lumber to the Daniel Best Manufacturing Company in San Leandro using some of Best's equipment. A steam tractor pulled four heavily-laden trailers, and delivered the entire amount in one trip. 5

Delivering large loads of lumber was not a simple task. At least two newsworthy accidents occurred during the short span of business, including one where a locomotive smashed the wagon and much of the load. The driver and the horses were unhurt. 6,7

1904 ad1905 5


Name Year(s) Position
Aaron Berg 1904 foreman
Miss Lillie Lane 1904 stenographer
Edwin G. Hunt 1904-1906 salesman, collector
Walter W. Hunt 1906-1910 cashier and bookkeeper
Allen J. Lucas 1904-1909 bookkeeper, salsn(?)
Daniel W. McPherson 1905-1906 teamster
William H. Murphy 1906 employee
James A. Smilie, Jr.
(not the contractor)
1904-1909 clerk
John T. Patterson 1908-1910 clerk
J. Bacon 1909 tallyman (kept records?)
J.L. Bettencourt 1909 laborer
Aug Brast 1909 blacksmith
Vaughn Cooley 1909 clerk
J. Enos 1909 tallyman
J. Frates 1909 laborer
R. Galevia 1909 laborer
F. Gardener 1909 laborer
Frank Golden 1909 tallyman
F. Gould 1909 teamster
George Knapp 1909 clerk
H. Lang 1909 laborer
A. Lawrence 1909 laborer
Roy Matheny 1909-1910 tallyman, clerk
B. Mathewson 1909 laborer
David Mercer 1909 laborer
Edward Mulcahy 1909 laborer
J. O'Donnell 1909 laborer
F. Rhodes 1909 laborer
S. Ricker 1909 teamster
R. Robinson 1909 tallyman
John G. Rogers 1909 laborer
M. Sibrian 1909 laborer
T. Wilson 1909 teamster
Charles Buker 1910 teamster
Arthur B. Chapman 1909-1910 bookkeeper
Thomas B. C[??]dell 1910 foreman
George C. Douglass 1910 employee
Gustave A. Fruhe 1909-1910 clerk
Manuel B. Grace 1910 laborer
Hugh H. Hedrick 1910 employee
Henry T. Huggins 1910 clerk
Otis F. Johnson 1909-1910 clerk
Herschell G. Larrick 1910 clerk
Thomas Lewis 1910 hostler (took care of horses)
Gustave A. Lindh 1910 mach(inist?)
Frank W. McGuire 1910 employee
Daniel Malone 1910 teamster
Arthur A. Mann 1910 cabinetmaker
David T. Mercer 1910 laborer
John T. Munhall 1910 teamster
Heinrich Pfeiffer 1909-1910 laborer, foreman
Joseph Real 1910 employee
Samuel Ricker 1910 teamster
Michael J. Storey 1910 teamster
Jeff Van Gundy 1910 foreman
William Wash 1910 teamster
Fred Weingart 1909-1910 tallyman, clerk
Stanley C. Wheeler 1910 employee
Thomas Wilson 1910 teamster

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