from Tilghman's 1916-1917 directoryThe Fanny Jackson Coppin Club (also appears as Fannie Jackson Coppin Club), established in 1899 by ladies of the Beth Eden Baptist Church including Hattie DeHart, was the first African American women's club in Oakland, California. Named to honor Fannie Jackson Coppin (1837 - 1913) who overcame slavery to triumph as a tireless advocate for African American civil rights and a respected, renowned educator.

The club, was known as the "mother club" of the African American women's club movement in California, had the inspirational motto "Not failure, but low aim is the crime."

Originally, the club worked to provide housing and hospitality to African American visitors unable to find lodging due to segregation in hotels and other commercial businesses in the Bay Area.

Services were expanded to include tutoring services for African American students, as well as the production of musical and literary programs highlighting the talents of African Americans.

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