This neighborhood is also known as Rockridge or Lower Rockridge, especially the portion south of Alcatraz Avenue.

The portion between Alcatraz Avenue and Woolsey Street was actually called Fairview Park when originally developed (and is now sometimes called the Fairview Park Historical District), as noted by the stone pillars on the north side of Alcatraz at Benvenue Avenue, Hillegass Avenue, Regent Street and Colby Street.  Oakland North posted a nice article about the effort to restore one of the pillars in September 2011. 

The Oakland Museum of California's online collection includes two old tract maps of the "Claremont Avenue Tract" south of the original Fairview Park, one that extends northward to Alcatraz (but does not properly show the jog where 62nd Street intersects with Hillegass Avenue), and a second that only extends up to what is now 63rd Street.

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