Describe Eugene Edgar Trefethen here (January 11, 1875 - July 10, 1940)

Born in Oakland, California

Descendant of the famous Van Rensselaer family

Maternal grandfather, Rensselaer Waford Van Syckle, came to California prior to 1849.  Grandfather was a contemporary of Huntington, Stanford & Crocker, the railroad and State of California builders

Graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 1899

President of the California State Bar Association

President of the Athens Athletic Club

President of the Athenian-Nile Club

After the death of his wife, Georgie Carroll Trefethen in 1930, Trefethen lived with his mother, Ada Van Syckle Trefethen in Oakland.

Died after an appendectomy in Oakland, California

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