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The English Lutheran Church (also First English Lutheran Church or First English Evangelical Lutheran Church) dates back to 1890 in Oakland. Its first purpose-built building was at 16th and Grove (now Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church.)

Rev. Philip Graff was an early pastor. Rev. J.E. Bushnell was called in 1894.

Early Years

In their first years, they met in several locations, including California Hall on Clay near 11th, the original YMCA building at 12th and Clay, 1 and the Fraternal Hall at 1156 Washington between 13th and 14th. 3 In 1892 they announced they were going to build a church at 16th and Grove, 2 but it took several years to raise funds and then construct the building. In November 1895, they held a last service at the Fraternal Hall. 4

16th and Grove

proposed 1893 design 71902 Sanborn excerpt

Move to Mountain Boulevard

In January 1953, the building at 16th and Grove was sold to Pilgrim Rest MBC. While a new building was constructed on Mountain Boulevard, the congregation met at the Grand Avenue Seventh Day Adventist Church. 5

Finally in 1957, the held their first services in the new building at 4100 Mountain Blvd. near Redwood Road. Rev. Donald Wagner was the pastor. 6

Newspaper references to the church appear at least until 1990. It's unknown if they closed or moved and changed names.

Since 200_, the Mountain Blvd. location has been the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo ​Mekane Selam Medhane Alem Cathedral. [ Question: what year? Even their website says "200__" ]

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