Empyrean Towers, Oakland, California 1

The Empyrean Towers are located at 344 - 13th Street, in Downtown Oakland, California. The target customers are 'professionals, students and travelers.' Not to be confused with the Hotel Oakland which is in the next block down.

The Empyrean Towers Apartments were the Hotel Menlo, a residence hotel, until about 2011. The previous owner was charged in an arson plot to burn it down. 3 Ironically, "empyrean" means "the highest heaven, supposed by the ancients to contain the pure element of fire."

The apartments feature a mural on the front by Chuck Light.

After complaints from residents and repeated code violations 4, the building was finally red-tagged by the city in May 7, 2015 because of contaminated water. 5

Hotel Menlo, Oakland, California 2

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