Elijah Aaron Whitaker (c.1838 – February 17, 1925) and Margaret Rudisill (Whitaker) (1861 – October 26, 1934) had 6 sons: Charles Aaron WhitakerWilliam J. WhitakerEarle G. WhitakerWesley R. Whitaker, and (twins?) Arthur Allen Whitaker and Richard R. Whitaker3,4

Elijah and Margaret were born in Pennsylvania. Whitaker had cattle interests in Montana and Utah (where sons Charles and William were born) before coming to Oakland, where he got into real estate. 4 Various census entries after the move to Oakland list his profession as "capitalist" or "own income."

The text about their house at 2302 - 17th Avenue on Zillow says they lived there for over 30 years and raised 6 children, and said at the time of Elijah's death in 1925, he "owned half of downtown Oakland." 1

Elijah Whitaker was called out in the newspaper in 1918 for being a "war bond slacker". The (self-appointed?) Liberty Loan Committee said his allotment (based on his wealth) was $25,000, but he refused to buy more than $5,000 worth. 2

Whitaker died February 17, 1925, at Fabiola Hospital, after a long illness. His funeral was held at Truman's Residence Chapel, and his remains interred in Mountain View Cemetery. 4

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