Edouard "Edward" Rémillard (February 1, 1840–March 10, 1903) was a brickmaker and businessman, the brother of Peter Rémillard and Philip-Hilaire Rémillard of the Remillard Brick Company.

Edward left Quebec to join his brothers in California in 1859. Returned to Canada in 1866, and married his cousin Virginie Monjon (Remillard) (December 21, 1847–November 24, 1919) on January 14, 1867. They returned to Oakland and lived first in East Oakland, then on Clay Street until 1887 then on Webster Street. Edward and Virginie had no children of their own, but over the years provided shelter to nine children of relatives. Virginie was part of the Fabiola Association that supervised the running of Fabiola Hospital.

patent drawings 1In addition to patents for improvements to the brick-making process, Edward was granted patent #360,539 in 1887 for an excavating and grading machine.

Death and Burial

Edward died March 10, 1903, while sitting in a chair talking to Peter. Edward and Virginie are buried in Saint Mary's Cemetery, along with Rose Legault, Samuel Remillard, Wanda F. Fernand, Marie J. King, and Emma Remillard.

Remillard grave CC SA-BY Our Oakland

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