'Easterbrook' Bird Fountain, Lakeside Park, Oakland, California JL

The 'Easterbrook' Bird Fountain was a gift to the City of Oakland from Mrs. Daniel E. Easterbrook (née Nettie A. Stone) an avid bird lover and world traveler. The beautiful fountain, carved from pure white Carrara marble by distinguished Florentine sculptor Petrelli, was shipped to the United States in the early 1900's by Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Easterbrook, noted East Bay philanthropists.

In 1914, Mrs. Daniel E. Easterbrook donated the bird fountain to the “little park” adjacent to Lake Merritt (now The Gardens at Lake Merritt). The antique Italian bird fountain is now the centerpiece of the Mediterranean Garden.

Mrs. Easterbrook long pleaded with park gardeners to turn down the nearby McElroy Fountain at certain times of the day so wild birds could have brief opportunities to drink and bathe. Her love of birds later led to her presenting the charming Easterbrook Bird Fountain to City of Oakland through former Mayor Frank K. Mott.

In 2012 the Easterbrook Fountain was restored by Bruce Cobbledick, President of The Friends of the Gardens at Lake Merritt.

“Come, Thirsty Ones, to the Fountain Set Out in the Open for You. Let the Joyous Multitudes Come”Easterbrook Fountain inscription translated from Latin

'Easterbrook' Bird Fountain "Presented to the City of Oakland by Mrs. Daniel E. Easterbrook" Lakeside Park, Oakland, California JL'Easterbrook' Bird Fountain, Oakland, California (JL)'Easterbrook' Bird Fountain, Oakland, California (JL)

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