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The East Oakland Street Railway was a streetcar line from downtown Oakland to points east of Lake Merritt, beginning operations in 1892.

In 1897, it was purchased by the The Realty Syndicate, and consolidated with the Highland Park & Fruitvale Railroad. All of this would later become part of the Key System. 1

from Illustrated Album of Alameda County 1893

Photos of streetcars crossing the Indian Gulch Trestle (the trestle in Trestle Glen) clearly show the same type of streetcar in 1898. 2 Another photo showing a streetcar crossing the 8th Street Bridge has a different type of streetcar in 1892. That may have been a horse-car before the conversion to electric as there are no trolley wires visible. The source describes it as East Oakland Street Railway. 3

Trestle Glen, 1898 28th St. Bridge, 1892 3

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