The East Bay SPCA is a "limited intake" shelter in Oakland with a second facility in Dublin, Ca. The mission of the shelter is  "to eliminate animal cruelty, neglect and overpopulation by providing programs and education that support people and companion animals." They have education programs, adoptable animals, and dog training classes.  The shelter takes in animals primarily from other shelters in Alameda and surrounding counties but also accepts surrenders under strict conditions.

Available animals (dogs and cats) can be viewed here and the requirements/process here.

Dog training classes can be viewed here.

Boarding services (in Dublin) can be viewed here.

Education programs can be viewed here.

Vet services can be viewed here.

The EBSCPA provides a long list of resources for pet owners here.

The EBSCA has an extensive and popular volunteer program, and you can see your options here.

The animals at the East Bay SPCA come primarily from local animal shelters where the animals are at risk of euthanasia due to time, space or behavioral issues. Stray animals in Oakland must go to Oakland Animal Services at 1109 29th Ave. At times the SPCA will have the ability to take in dogs from individuals in Alameda County who can no longer care for them. Their ability to take in dogs an cats changes continuously. It depends on space availability, current population mix, the number of animals taken in from other shelters, and how fast current animals find homes.All animals must pass a health and temperament evaluation before they are accepted into the adoption program. There are no guarantees that the East Bay SPCA will take in your animal at the time of the evaluation.

The East Bay SPCA has two locations, one in East Oakland by the airport and one in Dublin, CA. The East Bay SPCA runs a low cost vet clinic at the same location as their adoption facility in Oakland. They also run a spay/neuter clinic in Oakland with low cost and free spay/neuter services for pit bulls.

The EBSCPA has the following euthanasia policy:

"The East Bay SPCA does not euthanize for space or for time. We do not euthanize what we determine are adoptable animals."

"We will euthanize when an animal requires medical treatment that goes beyond our ability to humanely provide, or has a condition that puts other shelter animals or workers at risk."

"We will also choose euthanasia when an animal has negative behaviors, such as unmanageable aggression towards other dogs, or aggression towards people that goes beyond our ability to correct, especially if that behavior presents a safety concern to a potential adopter or to the community."

"We do not feel it is responsible to place a dangerous animal in the community. We also do not feel it is responsible to imply that we would.
There are few organizations with the money and facilities to keep an animal that is ill or unsafe around people. In fact, keeping such animals while thousands of healthy, adoptable animals are killed because there is no place to keep them could be considered an unconscionable decision."


Spay/Neuter Surgery Center
410 Hegenberger Road
Oakland, CA 94621
Phone: 510-639-7387

Oakland Spay/Neuter Hours:
By Appointment Only: Tues-Fri
Closed Sat, Sun, Mon

Drop-In Vaccination Clinic:
Tues-Fri from 3:30-4:30pm

Adoption Center & Veterinary Clinic
8323 Baldwin Street
Oakland, CA 94621
Adoptions: 510-569-0702

Adoption Center Hours:
Wednesday - Sunday 11am - 6pm
Monday and Tuesday - Closed

Clinic: 510-569-1606
Clinic Fax: 510-569-1609

Veterinary Clinic Hours:
Open Mon-Sat by
apointment only: Click here

Drop-In Vaccination Clinic Hours:
They offer drop-in vaccine and
microchip clinics. Click here


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  • Note: The East Bay SPCA is NOT related to the ASPCA in any way1. This is one of Oakland's local animal shelters, though they do not take in strays. That is the purview of Oakland Animal Services which is run by the City of Oakland police department.
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1. A Giver's Guide to Animal Welfare.