The E. B. and A. L. Stone Company was a large contracting and construction company run by Egbert Barker Stone and his brother Andrew Lysander Stone, sons of Lysander Stone. The Stone Company did work for the Western Pacific Railway in constructing their line through Niles Canyon, as well as through Altamont Pass. The company was headquartered at 900 Broadway.

About 1899, the company opened a stone quarry near Laundry Farm where they also operated a rock crusher.

The company built the concrete arch bridge over San Leandro Creek on East 14th Street in 1901 for $25,840. 4

In 1906, the company successfully lobbied to have saloonmen John Bernard and Fred Scott thrown out of Niles Canyon, in an effort to reduce "ruffianism" and "outlawry" 2. This was clearly an ongoing problem, because in 1907, attorney Charles E. Snook filed a complaint on behalf of the Western Pacific Railway against a J. B. Bernard for selling whisky to workers who used dynamite in their work.

In 1908, the company had a dispute with the railway over a bill, amounting to $500,000 difference. 1

From 1910 to 1913, the company constructed the Redwood Peak Tunnel, the Sacramento Northern Railway tunnel from Oakland into Contra Costa County. 3

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