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The E.K. Wood House is at 2101 - 9th Avenue. It was built c.1898 for Edwin Kleber ("E.K.") Wood, the founder of the E.K. Wood Lumber Company.

Wood and his family are listed there in the 1898-1899 directory up through the 1903 directory. By 1905, it appears they had moved. The 1910 census lists them in San Rafael.

As is often the case, the address was renumbered more than once. It was built as a single family home at 1557 9th Avenue. The 1912 Sanborn shows a new 2103 address and old 1551 9th Avenue (possibly a typo.) The 1950 Sanborn shows it divided into a duplex, with two addresses, 2101 and 2103 9th Avenue. It appears to have been converted back to a single family home with the single address of 2101 - 9th Avenue.

In the 1940s, Laura Bomer and Jean D. Bomer, who worked in the printing business, are listed at 2103 - 9th Ave.

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