The Durant School was located on 28th Street, near Grove Street (now MLK, Jr. Way).

In 1887 S. G. S. Dunbar was the Principal of Durant School, along with a staff of 15 teachers; Mrs. Anna R. Wood, Mrs. Cynthia C. N. Walter, Miss Fanny Ward, Miss Martha L. Rowland, Mrs. Elise D. Reynolds, Mrs. Kate B. Mcintosh, Mrs. Flora A. Parker, Miss Minnie E Buckelew, Miss Lizzie C. Betancue, Miss Amelia B. Clow, Miss Minnie T. Kimball, Mrs. Lizzie F. Fowler, Mrs. Ella E. Greenman, Mrs. Lucy E. Crawford, and Mrs. Myra V. Kingman.  Ed. M. Campbell. served as the janitor.

The site was later home to Durant Elementary School, built in 1915.