Double Dutchery was a sharing economy business in North Berkeley, CA

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Swap. don't shop.

Double Dutchery was founded with a defiant spirit and lofty notion that there’s a better way for parents to combat the rising cost of children's clothing while simultaneously minimizing unnecessary waste.

Double Dutchery is an online platform for parents to exchange their kids’ outgrown and gently used clothing for ones that fit, to save tons of money and time, and in doing so join a growing movement of reuse.

It's free to join. And we've tried to make it as easy as possible to participate.

Welcome to the sharing economy! Double Dutchery is a peer-to-peer clothing swap platform for gently used kids clothing. Kids often grow out of clothes before they wear them out; chances are, there's a parent that needs exactly what your kids just grew out of, and vice versa. 'Peer to peer' means you're trading directly with other members, like a local community clothing swap but on a much, much larger scale. More members means more selection.

When a member lists a box of clothing, it is available for other members to take. Costs are pre-paid by the buyer so it's super easy to participate. And every time you list a box and someone takes it, you earn a point that can be used to get another boxes of clothing. The more you list, the more points you earn.