Dimond Theatre (1936)

The Dimond Theatre was a movie theater in Oakland at 3422 Fruitvale Avenue. The theater opened in August 1926 and closed in February, 1953.

Originally, the theater was "Egyptian" in style and was known as Dimond Egyptian. The facade featured faux stone blocks, and a corbelled central window flanked by columns, and a tall vertical sign rising high above the roof. In later years, the facade and signage were remodeled in Moderne style, with much neon." 1 The theater was designed by A. A. Cantin.

A Wurlitzer organ Opus 1278 Style 210 was installed in the Dimond Theatre on February 24, 1926. 1

Eventually, the former theater was gutted and remodeled into a Lucky supermarket, which became an Albertson's before closing in the early 2000s. For a short time, the building was the site of Crazy John's, which was variously described as a "deep-discount store" and a "cheap imports store." In 2006, Farmer Joe's, a local supermarket, opened their second location in the old Dimond Theatre building. The building's address was changed to 3426 Fruitvale Ave. at some point and the entrance is now from the parking lot rather than from Fruitvale Ave., but it is obviously the original theater building. 


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