Dime and Dollar Store was a chain of low cost stores, most notably at 3265 Lakeshore Avenue (now home to Arizmendi Bakery). That store was open from at least 1937 to 1992. At some point in the 1980s, the store moved to a smaller location at 3351 Lakeshore (now home to Noah's Bagels.)

There was also a store at 3524 E. 14th (International), and stores in Lafayette, Walnut Creek and Danville.

Hunter McCreary owned and operated the Dime and Dollar store on Lakeshore from c.1978 until it closed in 1992. 1

Many Oaklanders remember the Dime and Dollar from when they were younger, with particularly fond memories of the offerings for kids: "they had pretty much everything...including fabrics and toys and lots of candy. They always had all those wax lips and mustaches and movie magazines. The lady with the black beehive would follow the kids all around the store. You could buy 'caps' too and squirt guns" 2

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