Diamond Dairy, Inc. was a wholesale and home-delivery retail dairy company located at 706 Grove Street, Oakland, California which processed and distributed fluid milk throughout the Oakland area. Total fluid milk sales from Diamond Dairy amounted to 2.4% of of the combined Alameda-Contra Costa County region, with net sales of approximately $737,000 for the year ending on March 31, 1951.

When Diamond Dairy was acquired by Foremost Dairies, Inc. on February 11, 1952, it was a Nevada corporation with its main offices located in Oakland, California. Diamond Dairy then was merged with R. A. Shuey Creamery when that dairy was also acquired by Foremost Daires, Inc. in December 1952.

Diamond Dairy was the first of several California dairies which processed and marketed fluid milk that were acquired by Foremost Dairies in the 1950's. The primary function of the Diamond Dairy facilities became used as the control laboratory testing recombined milk products that were subsequently shipped abroad to Asian countries.

Foremost had 3.9% of fluid milk sales in the Alameda-Contra Costa region in 1953 through its operations of the Diamond Dairy and Shuey Creamery facilities. 1

In September 1952 Diamond Dairy showed wage rate gains of $13.50 per month. 2

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